Penn Valley Church - Multi-site Network

Welcome to Imago Dei Communities

At Imago Dei Communities, we approach church in a casual yet meaningful way. Through Grace Houses, G-3 Groups and The Gathering, we share the good news of the Gospel with each other and the surrounding community – with you! We want to be a place where you can feel comfortable to grow in your faith while we bear each other’s burdens and share each other’s joys.
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 March 31 - Tuesday
7:00 pm Grace Houses
 April 7 - Tuesday
7:00 pm Grace Houses
7:00 pm Missions Committee Meeting
 April 12 - Sunday
10:00 am The Gathering
 April 14 - Tuesday
7:00 pm Grace Houses
 April 21 - Tuesday
6:30 am Network Leadership Council
7:00 pm Grace Houses
 April 26 - Sunday
10:00 am The Gathering