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Due to COVID-19 all onsite services are CANCELLED through April 30th. If you have a need please contact the church office by phone or email. 

Children's Ministry Resources

Children's Ministry Resources

While we're apart...

We want to stay connected with you, and help you connect with your children! COVID-19 has brought sudden changes, a lot of unknowns and fears. It's also brought about increased time at home as a family. We pray that God will use this to bring you closer together as a family and well as closer to Him! 

If you, you're family, or someone you know needs help, please reach out to us by calling the church office at 215.723.5890 or email us here.

For the duration of the time that we'll be apart, we'd like to provide some resources that you may find helpful! Some will be for younger kids, some older. But we hope you'll be able to utilize some poritions of it to fit your family! 

Many of you know Barb Wooler, who works with Encompass World Partners. She developed a curriculum called LEMONS for kids. It focuses on teaching kids how to survive and thrive during life's difficult moments...and I thought what better time than this to utilize this great resource! The material that Barb produced was geared for preteens. We've kept most of the original components, but did add some portions that are geared toward younger children. 

Each week there will be a few videos, short lessons, activity ideas and more! We hope you enjoy it and that you and your child will grow in learning how to take the LEMONS of life, and make them into lemonade :) 




we'll be taking a short break from LEMONS in celebration of Easter. Check out our Celebrating Easter page! 



For Parents:

Verse Cards from

RISENMOTHERHOOD Podcast Providing Gospel Hope for Moms (programing was pre-recorded prior to COVID-19 and does not necessarily focus on this)

Focus on the Family - COVID-19 Resources (includes family devotions, ideas for staying at home with your kids, marriage tips and more)

Focus on the Family Podcast


For Kids:

Adventures in Odyssey Club - they are offering 4 weeks free

RightNow Media - shows, videos and sing-a-longs for kids (email us here if you'd like to sign up for a free membership through Penn Valley)

50 Questions to Ask Your Kids at Dinnertime -


Homeschooling on-the-fly:

6 Homeschooling Tips for Amateurs -

Educational Activities for Kids Stuck at Home -

50 Games & Activities -


Fear & Anxiety

Managing Fear & Anxiety During a Health Pandemic -

A Marriage in Crisis After a Job Loss -

When You Can't Shake the Legitimate Fear of Death -