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COVID-19 Updates

Dear Penn Valley Church,

Due to the new CDC guidance related to people who have been vaccinated we will be changing our COVID-19 Policy.

Penn Valley Church does not desire to see division in the church; division breaks the heart of God. Nor do we wish to legislate personal conviction related to getting or abstaining from a vaccine.  Nor do we wish for judgments to be made, one to another, on matters of conviction.  Therefore, starting this Sunday, May 23rd, we encourage you and your family to make personal, God-honoring decisions related to how you will move forward related to the recent CDC recommendations.  

Masks will no longer be required in the building. If you and your family desire to wear a mask, that will be honored and respected.  If you and your family decide, based on CDC recommendations or other factors, that you can, will, or should not wear a mask, that too will be honored and respected.  We will continue to have designated areas in the back of the sanctuary for those who want to wear masks all the time. 

To some, this communication will be received with applause and hardy, “Amen.” To others, this will bring sadness and maybe even some confusion.  We want to recognize both and let you know we hear you, we see you, we understand. Thank you for your patience with us as we seek to honor God and love people during this very difficult time. 

Penn Valley Church Elders



We want to minister to you wherever you may be so the service will continue to be live streamed for the forseeable future until we move outside for some of our summer worship services.