Penn Valley Church offers many service opportunities throughout the year.  Most short-term/annual projects will be
included in our announcements, weekly bulletin and slides, and our social media channels.  Additionally, we have a few teams that operate to meet specific needs in the church that will periodically announce a need for volunteers.  The
following is a high level overview of several of our ongoing ministries, but it is not an exhaustive list.  If you are seeking an opportunity to serve, please complete our SERVE form to get plugged in to one of the ministries below, or to learn more about other ministries that may be a better fit.

Community Garden
The Community Garden project runs from late spring through early fall and is a ministry to our neighbors who would like to have some space to plant, grow, and harvest healthy food for themselves and their families.  We welcome volunteers to join us on prayer walks for the ministry, help with caretaking the garden, and providing assistance and education to novice gardeners.  Read the story of the four soils that inspired this ministry.

Mission Trips
Short-term Missions trips are scheduled periodically to care for our neighbors around the country and the world.  We take part in disaster recovery trips to help in the rebuilding efforts after floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, and other catastrophic events.  We also join international missions trips through partner organizations when opportunities arise.  Watch for
upcoming missions trip opportunities in our Sunday announcements and bulletins.  Our Missions Team meets regularly to review the missionaries we support and recommend a missions budget to the Elders.

Teaching Team
Teachers can offer their gifts in both children's ministry and adult ministry.  We have many children's church classes that need loving teachers to disciple students in their relationship with God, and we are scheduling adult classes that run for
1-8 week terms.  We recognize that teaching is often best done for a season, followed by a time of rest.  Teachers are
welcome to step in for an open or defined commitment of time, and to step away when their energy or calling draws them elsewhere.

Hospitality, Kitchen & Meals
We often come together over food, both to celebrate and to care for one another.  Our hospitality team serves the church during major events (particularly funerals) to prepare food, set up the meal space, monitor the event, and clean up.  The kitchen team routinely works to prepare Family Night meals and other church family meals when we gather as a body to have a meeting, celebrate communion, or simply enjoy fellowship time.  Our Meals team delivers meals to families who are grieving the loss of a family member, celebrating the birth of a baby, or dealing with a major medical event.  This team
operates through a meal calendar to make sure we can bless our church family with healthy, delicious food.

The Deacon ministry is mainly comprised of couples who care for the needs of many in our church.  Our Deacons and Deaconesses visit members of the church family who are unable to leave home or a medical facility, pray with those who are suffering, and organize assistance with needs that individuals may have.

We periodically accept Interns who are pursuing a career in ministry and would like to gain hands-on experience in a healthy church setting.  Interns will receive supportive education to prepare them for their future role, and they may choose a ministry area of focus such as youth ministry, children's ministry, pastoral ministry, or communications and media.