Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower a multiplying movement of gospel- centered, disciple making, established churches in our communities and the rest of the world.



Penn Valley Church exists to help our neighbors discover the story of God, be discipled in the family of God and deliver the love of God to our community and beyond.




We are made for relationship with our Father God. We connect and engage with Him through prayer. When we pray, we are able to hear and respond to His will. Praying in faith can move mountains.


God created us to be worshippers. We worship in our Sunday gatherings through song, Scripture reading and prayer, but it is not limited to once weekly. Worship happens when what we say and do is to the glory of God each and every day.


Living in community with one another is vital to our spiritual growth. We experience Jesus’ love as we both give and receive love in His name. We desire to live out the gospel together as a family of families.


The gospel powerfully saves us from our sins when we first trust in Jesus. The gospel works in and transforms us as we continue to believe. This truth is central to everything we believe, say and do.


Healthy things grow and reproduce. All disciples should be generous in sharing the life-giving message and ministry of the gospel with others. Multiplication happens individually and corporately as we seek to cultivate a movement of gospel-centered, disciple-making churches.