Small Groups Ministry
Small groups are a microcosm of the full church. In this smaller setting, individuals and families grow to know each other, have an open forum to discuss the Bible, and explore opportunities to serve in the community. Every small group is unique in size, makeup, study topics, and schedule. As a family of believers, we have unity in our love for Christ that surpasses our individual dynamics. 

Participating in Small Groups
It is our hope that everyone who comes to church regularly on Sundays will also join a small group. Many existing groups are welcoming new members, and new small groups are regularly being formed. We invite you to join a small group that you can commit to attending on a regular basis. We are also looking for individuals to open their homes as small group hosts, and those who are interested in being small group leaders. Leading a small group does not take any special skills, just a willingness to ask thought provoking questions and encourage participation.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of what the small groups ministry looks like. To learn more about joining a small group, complete an online form HERE, complete a paper form at the church Welcome Desk, or contact the church office.