Charis Fellowship

The Charis Fellowship, formerly known as the Fellowship of Grace Brethren Churches, is a national conference of churches that are part of the global Charis Alliance.  The shared mission of Charis Fellowship churches is to plant churches, train leaders, and do good for the sake of the gospel.

There are approximately 200 congregations in the Charis Fellowship.  Charis is not a denomination.  Member churches are fully autonomous and self-govering.  They join the Fellowship voluntarily to be part of a theologically aligned network which fosters the sharing of resources, training, conferences and speciality organizations.

The Charis Fellowship has developed many national ministries that enable member churches like Penn Valley Church to collaborate and pool resources.  These ministries make it possible for churches all around the country to work together on projects, support a multitude of missionaries, develop programs, and support one another in their missions.

Some of these national ministries include:

Encompass World Partners

Charis Women

Grace College & Seminary

Momentum Ministry Partners

Upcoming Charis Events:
Charis Womens "At the Table" Conference - November 3 & 4, 2023
More Information and Register HERE

Charis Celebration Sunday - Sunday, October 29
More Information is HERE.