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Who We Are

Who We Are

Who We Are

Penn Valley Church is a group of loyal followers of Jesus Christ, committed to the centrality of the gospel message as its one message, strategically placed to be a regional church planting center, and desirous of making a worldwide impact for Christ by releasing its leaders and people to global mission.

Our Telford Campus is where it all started for Penn Valley Church in 1965. In recent years, we've begun planting churches from the inside out starting with the addition of our Journey Church campus in 2008, continuing with our Imago Dei campus, which began in 2010 which has now launched out to be their own inter-dependent Charis Fellowship church. We have now launched Imago Dei and Journey church to be their own autonomous Charis churches! 

At Penn Valley, we see ourselves as a family of God. Because of this, we center our ministry around helping you grow and mature as followers of Jesus Christ who love one another.

Our desire is to be a community that is "Experiencing His Grace." We want this to be more than just a motto at Penn Valley. We hope that as you get to know us, you will see a genuine demonstration of God's love for you from this church family. We want you to know of your importance to God, and us.

Won't you join us as we explore together God's plan for our lives?