Tainted by Sin

June 8, 2016 Speaker: Adam Johnson Series: (Bux-Mont) The Exodus, The Redeemer, and Us

Passage: Joshua 7, Joshua 8:1–8:2

Tainted by Sin

1. The sin of one man affected all of Israel (Josh. 7:1-12).

2. The penalty for sin is death (Josh. 7:19-26).

3. God’s enemies are overcome only after sin is dealt with
(Josh. 8:1-2).

Joshua’s ancestor Abraham was called a friend of God because he believed God. To have faith means to have confidence in something or put your trust in Someone. Abraham entrusted his life to God and had confidence in God’s plan for his life.
Conversely, enemies of God are alienated from Him and are hostile in their minds because of their evil behavior (Col. 1:21). They do not trust God or seek to follow His ways. Enemies of God live as though God’s rules do not apply to them. They are wrong.
The wages for sin is death; this is bad news. The good news is Jesus received these wages in our place and gave us the free gift of God—eternal life. Christians have a responsibility to pray, worship, and witness as those who were tainted by sin but who have been washed white as snow by Jesus.

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